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Range Extender - Transmitters - Alarms - PSU

The foundational product collection consists of wireless gadgets designed to safeguard homes and businesses. An extensive array of intelligent Ajax devices for both indoor and outdoor use collaboratively function to thwart potential intrusions and provide an unparalleled user experience.



Boosts the range of Ajax security system devices

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ReX functions as a radio signal range extender, enhancing the reach of all Ajax security system devices and overseeing their communication with the hub. This intelligent extender empowers users to position Ajax devices at substantial distances from the hub, effectively safeguarding multi-story offices, separate structures, and even production facilities. The integration of 5 ReX units into the security system broadens its coverage to an expansive 35 km².

  • Transmits alarms in 0.3 seconds.

  • Communicates at a distance of up to 1800m.

  • Operates up to 35 hours on the back up- battery.

  • Always in sync with the hub.

  • Immediate reaction to threats.

  • New features with every system update.

  • Functions up to 35 hours after a power outage.

ReX 2


Range extenders play a crucial role in broadening the scope of a secured area, offering greater flexibility in the placement of security system devices. When you connect some or all of your devices to ReX 2, you can enhance the security and automation of various settings, such as a business center, expansive estate, warehouse complex, or a sizable production facility.

Within the Ajax system, you can deploy up to 5 range extenders, effectively expanding the radio network coverage to an impressive 35 km². This ensures that events and alarms are transmitted instantaneously, with the initial photo verification snapshot delivered to both a monitoring station and users in just 10 seconds, providing swift and comprehensive security coverage.

  • Extended radio communication 3400m.

  • Connect to the hub not only via radio but also via Ethernet.

  • Automatic switching of the communication channels in case of connection loss.

  • Connecting via router.

  • Encryption of transmitted data.

  • Up to 38 hours of backup battery life.

Screenshot 2023-09-11 172428.png


Boosts the range of Ajax security system devices



Module for connecting wired alarm to Ajax & managing security via the app

Opting for Ajax during renovations allows you to retain your existing equipment rather than replacing it. This presents an opportunity to establish a modern, sophisticated security system by integrating new elements alongside your current wired setup.

Integration module with 18 wired zones for connecting third party detectors to Ajax. Perimeter IR detectors, household gas sensors, thermostats, float sensors, and various other devices are poised to broaden the scope of Ajax applications. By linking them to a hub through the MultiTransmitter, you can seamlessly oversee the integrated security system using the Ajax app.

Multi Transmitter


Wireless Alarm Products



Wireless home alarm

A wireless indoor siren designed to emit a loud alarm when triggered by a detector. Installed indoors, it serves as a warning signal for potential danger or a deterrent against intruders.

  • Utilization of authentication protocols to thwart forgery attempts.

  • Detection of jamming activities and encryption of communication channels.

  • Triggering alarms in response to tampering efforts.

  • Displays armed/disarmed status through an integrated LED.

  • External LED can be linked to the siren, as required.

  • Allows customization of sound intensity and alarm duration upon detector activation.


StreetSiren DoubleDeck

Wireless outdoor siren with a clip lock for a branded faceplate

StreetSiren DoubleDeck swiftly triggers a potent siren and vibrant LED indicators within a fraction of a second upon receiving an alarm signal, swiftly exposing any intrusion.

The LED indicators and brief buzzer beeps serve as reminders of armed premises and the active entry delay, considerably reducing the chances of false alarms. 

The outdoor siren functions for up to 5 years on its factory-installed batteries and is equipped with external power terminals. Whether you opt for battery usage as the primary or backup power source is at your discretion. Regardless of your choice, the system will issue a maintenance notification when the battery level drops to 20%.

  • Weatherproof - withstands Heat +50c, cold up to -25c. IP54.

  • Buzzer loudness level up to 113dB (length up to 3mins).

  • Protection against forgery.

  • Jamming detection.

  • Tamper against enclosure opening and accelerometer against detachment.

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EEE1 (2).png
HUB 2 PLUS.png




12V PSU is installed into the device body, replacing the pre-installed 110/230 V power supply unit.


For Hub/Hub Plus/ReX

A power supply unit, connecting Hub/Hub Plus control panels and ReX radio signal range extender to low-voltage power sources.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 102636.png

12V-24V PSU

For Hub 2/Hub 2 Plus/ReX 2

Alternative power supply to connect the Ajax hubs and range extenders to a low-voltage power supply.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 1031226.png
12V PSU-Hub2.png

Installation and compatibility

12–24V PSU replaces the bundled 110/230V~ power supply unit. The installer needs one PH1 screwdriver, Installation manual, and 10 minutes to replace the standard power supply of the hub or range extender with an alternative one. For convenience, the 12–24V PSU comes with a standard power jack and a terminal adapter.

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