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Composite Boards

JUL 23 ECO Board all colours v1.png

Wood grain composite board range

Introducing our composite board collection, where innovation meets durability for outdoor spaces. Crafted with precision and quality materials, our composite boards offer an elegant solution that seamlessly integrates into any landscape while providing exceptional performance.


Low maintenance, never treat or stain.


Durable and long lasting.


Quick installation.


Anti-splinter technology.


Enviromentally friendly manufacured.

New embossed  right.png

Composite Fence Boards

Composite wood fencing and gate boards are a low maintenance, long
lasting and environmentally friendly, alternative to real wood, made
from recycled material.

Woodgrain, embossed and sanded – 182 pieces (per pallet).

JUL 23 ECO Board all colours left.png


A more sustainable alternative to composite boards. Manufactured from 100% recycled synthetic material. Stronger, durable and 5% denser than competitors.

Ecoboard – 200 pieces (per pallet).

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