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Providing Professional Services

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Apartment Building


Home is where the heart is!

We offer many solutions to improve and secure your home from automation to smart technology. Providing for individual dwellings, apartments, and gated communities.

Open your blinds when the sun rises and close the curtains when it gets dark all by a touch of a button! Control your entrance with access control from anywhere in the world! Secure your home from intruders!

We cover a multitude of innovative products for Smarter Living.



Public Access

We can offer practical solutions for various public sectors including education facilities, schools, councils, hospitals, and emergency services.  Within this sector key areas like building security and entrance access are paramount in securing the employees and contents from unauthorised or malicious intent. We also offer emergency call points for public areas.

Public Bus
Public sector


Customised Professional Services

We spend much of our life at work and we understand the workplace can be the extension of the home.

We offer secure and smart products to help your business be more efficient and safer, providing entrance barriers and bollards to access systems for gates and doors. Intercom systems for multiple offices and smart products to secure and protect employees and property. Many systems can be operated remotely away from the work place.

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