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Innovation, exceptional engineering, and continuous technological exploration constitute the factors that set Roger Technology apart as an unparalleled and distinctive enterprise. At present, Roger Technology stands as a prominent global contender within the realm of gate automation and priority vehicle automatic barrier systems.

Sliding Gates

Roger Technology offers 5 distinct sliding gate automation versions, combining aesthetics and efficiency across gate sizes from 400 kg to over 2200 kg, complete with mechanical and magnetic limit switches.


Swing Gates

Roger Technology has crafted nine diverse versions of swing gate automations, encompassing swing, articulated arm, and underground designs with corresponding foundation boxes.

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Automatic Barriers

The automatic barriers are available in two distinct series, offering a versatile solution for automation needs across residential, condominium, commercial, and industrial parking facilities.

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Control Units

The control units efficiently manage all automations, designed for one or two motors, fully adhering to safety regulations, and featuring versatile programmable functions.

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Sectional Doors

Sectional door automations include versions with a 1000N motor, capable of smoothly opening doors weighing up to 120 kg.

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Overhead Doors

The overhead door automations effortlessly facilitate the opening of residential and condominium garage doors up to 14 m² in area.

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Radio Control & Radio Receivers

radio controls in four distinct variations, available with either 2 or 4 channels of random fixed codes. Additionally, options with copy functionality are also provided.

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Accessories & Security

Within this section, you can explore an array of accessories and security systems, encompassing items such as flashings and antennas etc.

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