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Water Leak Protection

Wireless Water Leak prevention devices

The foundational product range encompasses devices designed to safeguard both residential and commercial properties against water leaks. Through innovative hardware and software engineering, we've successfully integrated advanced features with impressive self-sufficiency into the compact design of our wireless water leak detection and prevention devices.

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Leaks Protect Detector

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Leaks Protect

Wireless addressable leak detector

LeakProtect can be situated in challenging locations effortlessly. It necessitates no installation, operates maintenance-free for extended periods, and remains functional around the clock. Whether it's a washing machine leak or a burst pipe, the detector responds promptly, notifying you of incidents. Additionally, if the premises are equipped with an anti-flooding system, Ajax will autonomously halt the water supply.

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In locations susceptible to flooding

The compact LeaksProtect detectors are designed to fit seamlessly into any space prone to water leaks. With a mere height of 14 mm, these devices can easily be accommodated in areas at risk.


No matter which direction water reaches the detector, an immediate alarm is triggered. The LeaksProtect device features contact pairs on all four sides. Upon contact with water on any side, the detector signals a leak. When the contacts dry and separate, it alerts you that the leakage has ceased.

  • Up to 5 years of operation from battery.

  • Works 24/7.

  • IP65

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To counter minor leaks & major floods

LeaksProtect detectors offer flood protection for both compact apartments and expansive commercial centres or industrial complexes. In case of an incident, informative notifications will guide you to the appropriate location for plumbing assistance.

  • Up to 200 detectors in the system.

  • Name & room of the detector location in the notification.

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Easy Installation

To link LeaksProtect with the hub, simply use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code. During installation, there's no necessity to dismantle the casing, affix the device to a surface, or insert batteries. The detector is effortlessly positioned on a flat surface within the potential leakage zone, instantly ready for operation.

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WaterStop 1


Remote controlled water shutoff valve.

WaterStop, when integrated with an Ajax security system, offers rapid water damage protection by automatically shutting off the water supply within just 5 seconds upon the activation of a LeaksProtect sensor or a compatible third-party water leak detector. This device seamlessly blends a top-notch valve with a robust electric actuator.

Controlling WaterStop and monitoring its status is incredibly convenient from anywhere worldwide, requiring only an internet connection and the Ajax app. Additionally, you have the flexibility to create customized scenarios for water shutoff, whether it's at a specific scheduled time or when arming the security system, giving you precise control over water management and protection.

  • Standard type of shutoff valve (DN 25 (1") valve).

  • A part of the water leak detection system. Upon the alarm of LeaksProtect or a third-party leak detector, WaterStop will automatically shut off the water
    in 5 seconds.

  • WaterStop electric actuator features amaximumtorque of
    8.5 N•m. This power allows closing a stucked-up shutoff
    valve without breaking it.

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