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Intrusion Protection

Wireless Security Devices

The foundational product collection consists of wireless gadgets designed to safeguard homes and businesses. An extensive array of intelligent Ajax devices for both indoor and outdoor use collaboratively function to thwart potential intrusions and provide an unparalleled user experience.



Control panel for supporting wireless devices

Hub 2 (2G)

Version with GSM cellular module.

Hub 2 oversees the entire array of Ajax devices within the system, promptly notifying users of open doors, shattered windows, fire hazards, and flooding risks. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, Hub 2 will immediately alert the monitoring station and transmit images captured by the MotionCam detectors. You won't find yourself needing to be under constant surveillance of security cameras to stay informed about ongoing events.

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Hub 13.png
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Always connected — both through wired connections and cellular networks.

HUB 2 (2G) Version with GSM cellular module.

Uninterrupted communication with the external world is paramount for the control panel of the security system. Its steadfast reliability ensures the timely dispatch of alarms to both the security company and users.

Hub 2 has the capacity to establish simultaneous connections with three distinct Internet service providers: through Ethernet cable, as well as 2G, 3G, and LTE 2 cellular networks. The seamless transition between these channels is accomplished within mere seconds.

The Hub 2's radio network encompasses multiple floors and distinct buildings, facilitated by its expansive communication range of 2,000 meters and the capability to connect up to five range extenders. For effective access management and security zoning within the premises, the hub supports connections for up to 50 users and facilitates the creation of 9 security groups. Hub 2 stands as an ideal selection for both residential and commercial security needs.

  • 9 Security groups.

  • 50 Users.

  • 100 Devices in the system.

  • 2000m of radio communication range.

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Screenshot 2023-09-07 145524 copy.png

Manage through app.

We've opted not to include physical control buttons on the control panel itself, avoiding outdated interfaces. Instead, we've embraced the convenience and reliability of apps. These apps establish a secure connection with a hub through the Ajax Cloud server, which is hosted in multiple AWS data centers. In 2021, our server boasted an impressive availability rate of 99.995%.

These apps empower users with administrative privileges to oversee facility security, adjust hub and device settings, craft custom scenarios, and monitor events. All of this can be done conveniently from a smartphone or PC, whether you're on-site or accessing your system remotely.

KeyPad 1.jpg


Wireless Touch Keypads 


The wireless touch keypad is employed for arming and disarming an Ajax security system. It is typically installed in a room near the entrance door to ensure convenient and swift access to the keypad.

  • Up to 200 passcodes.

  • Duress codes

  • Up to 2 years of the pre-installed battery life.

  • Remote control & and setup via app.

  • Protection against the guessing of passcodes.

  • Panic button.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 114144.png

Installation and set up

Ready for immediate use upon unboxing, the keypad comes with the battery pre-installed, eliminating the need for any disassembly. With a simple click, it can be seamlessly connected to the hub via the mobile application. Mounting it on the SmartBracket is a quick and straightforward process, taking just a few minutes.

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Keypad Touch Screen

The KeyPad TouchScreen seamlessly integrates security and smart home device management into one versatile solution. Sporting an intuitive interface reminiscent of the Ajax app and offering multiple language choices, it provides an effortless user experience. Featuring a large display, DESFire, and BLE technologies, along with a range of code options, it ensures both security and efficiency in its operation.

  • Touch IPS display (H5").

  • Operational with cards & keyfobs.

  • Up to 200 personal codes.

  • Control via smartphone.

  • 1.5 years of operation from batteries (12V = external power supply option).

  • Panic button.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 121845.png

Installation and set up

It is easy to pair KeyPad TouchScreen with a hub: all you need is to scan the QR code. No enclosure disassembly or battery installation required. PRO Desktop is available for professional monitoring.

SmartBracket panel — no need to disassemble the enclosure. 

KeyPad TouchScreen card black interface.png
KeyPad TouchScreen finger black interface.png
Keypad touch screen


Encrypted contactless key fob for keypad.


Quick access to the security system. Disarming the security system is a breeze – simply present the Tag to the reader on the keypad. This key fob, equipped with copy protection, enables you to control security modes without the need for a password, user account, or access to the Ajax app.

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Motion Detectors

Wireless Motion Detection units

Screenshot 2023-08-17 161202.jpg


Wireless IR Motion Detector

A wireless motion detector that promptly alerts the owner upon detecting initial indications of a potential intrusion in a home or office. The detector is affixed to the wall, strategically positioned in front of doors and other areas susceptible to unauthorized entry.

The device detects human presence by IR level using a passive IR sensor. The data received is digitally processed in order to prevent false alarms.

  • Utilization of authentication measures to deter forgery attempts.

  • Detection of jamming activities and encryption of communication channels.

  • Activation of tampering alarms in response to any interference or manipulation.

  • Operates up to 5 years without battery replacement.

  • Disregards cats and dogs weighing up to 20 kg and measuring up to 50 cm in height.

  • Precisely identifies motion in warm conditions, even at temperatures reaching +40°C.


MotionProtect Outside

Wireless outdoor motion detector with an advanced anti-masking system and pet-immunity

MotionProtect Outdoor Jeweller is a wireless outdoor motion detector with an adjustable motion detection range of up to 15 meters. It features an anti-masking system designed to identify any attempts to obstruct the detector's field of view. When properly installed and configured, the detector remains unresponsive to animals measuring up to 80 cm in height.

The anti-masking system within MotionProtect Outdoor undergoes automatic calibration by analyzing the immediate surroundings during device installation on the SmartBracket. Subsequently, should an obstruction enter the anti-masking sensor's field of view or if they are tampered with, the detector promptly detects sabotage and triggers an alarm. Furthermore, a sensitive tamper mechanism activates instantly if any attempt is made to remove the detector from the SmartBracket.

Detectors can be equipped with a hood to shield the anti-masking system from rain and snow.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 165332.jpg

Motion detection camera

MTIONCAM (1).png


Wireless motion detector with a photo camera to verify alarms

MotionCam Jeweller is a wireless motion detector with photo verification capabilities, designed for indoor installation. It is capable of detecting movement at distances of up to 12 meters and is configured to disregard pets when appropriately installed and set up.

  • False alarm smart - special optics with a software filter for false alarms in motion detectors.

  • Special lens - The pattern of the Fresnel lens sections is designed so that the diagrams of the infrared radiation of a human, an animal, and thermal noise have significant differences.

  • Temperature compensation - Temperature compensation is a software mechanism that maintains consistent thermal diagram contrast, even when the ambient temperature is in close proximity to the human body temperature.

  • Sensitivity level - Through the sensitivity setting, the detector adjusts itself to the specific conditions of a given room, taking into account potential thermal interferences or the presence of pets. Altering the sensitivity setting impacts the criteria by which false alarms are distinguished and filtered.


MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD)

Wireless IR outdoor motion detector that takes photos by alarm and on demand

MotionCam Outdoor comes equipped with a camera designed for swift situational assessment at your secured premises. The detector automatically captures a series of photos the moment it detects an intrusion on your property. These photos are then compiled into an animation, providing a dynamic representation of the unfolding situation. Additionally, MotionCam Outdoor PhOD allows users to request a series of photos via the Ajax mobile app, irrespective of the security mode in place.

  • With an adjustable motion detection range that spans up to 15 meters, the device is highly versatile. It's equipped with an anti-masking system to detect any attempts to obstruct its view. When installed and configured correctly, the detector remains unresponsive to animals that are up to 80 cm tall.

  • By integrating top-tier optics, a rapid processor, and advanced software algorithms, MotionCam Outdoor excels at capturing informative images regardless of weather conditions, whether it's day or night. HDR Camera, IR back light, Series of 2-5 photos.

Screenshot 2023-08-17 165332.jpg

Motion Detection Curtain

DualCurtain Outdoor

Wireless IR outdoor bidirectional curtain motion detector

DualCurtain Outdoor effectively manages your property's perimeter while ensuring that it doesn't impede individuals already within. It achieves this through two separate optical systems featuring narrow viewing sectors and customizable settings, enabling precise adjustment of a 30-meter detection zone while minimizing the chances of false alarms from potential sources. The exclusive ELSA (Extended Live Signal Analysis) software is designed to respond to intruders while filtering out triggers such as natural interferences and pets.

Located on either side of the detector are two optical systems with narrow viewing sectors, each featuring two PIR sensors. These sensors maintain precise detection accuracy through temperature compensation. The sensor signals are processed using our innovative ELSA digital algorithm. The detector will trigger an alarm only when two sensors within the same optical system simultaneously detect human motion, enhancing reliability and reducing false alarms.

motion cam outside pic.jpg
DoorProtect on Window2.png

Door Protect

Wireless Opening Detection Units


0_18 (1).png

Wireless opening detector with reed switch.

Wireless door/window opening detector designed to alert you at the initial indications of room intrusion, triggered by the opening of a door or window. It can be affixed to various door types, including those with metal frames or bases.

  • Authentication to prevent forgery.

  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption.

  • Tampering alarm.

  • Operates up to 7 years without battery replacement.

  • External contact is available for connecting third-party detectors.

  • Includes magnets of various sizes for installation on narrow frames and door frames.

This device employs British-made high-end reed switches that respond to changes in the magnetic field when a door or window is opened. It can function in transmitter mode, transmitting a signal from the connected wired sensor to the central hub.

The device comprises two components: the detector and the magnet. The package includes two magnets, with the larger magnet installed at a maximum distance of 2 cm and the smaller magnet at a maximum distance of 1 cm.

DoorProtect 8.png

DoorProtect PLUS

Wireless combined opening, shock and tilt detector with reed switch plus accelerometer.

This wireless opening detector provides early notification of potential room intrusion through doors or windows. It can even be installed on roof windows, which may remain open when leaving the house.

  • Authentication to prevent forgery.

  • Jamming detection and communication channels encryption.

  • Tampering alarm.

  • Operates up to 5 years without battery replacement.

  • Registers change in vertical slope angle, bangs and vibration.

  • External contact is available for connecting third-party detectors.

The device utilizes high-quality reed switches made in Britain, which are sensitive to changes in the magnetic field when a door or window is opened. It has the capability to function in transmitter mode, transmitting a signal from the connected wired sensor to the central hub.

This device safeguards even partially open windows used for ventilation. Its built-in accelerometer detects alterations in the vertical slope angle, impacts, or vibrations, promptly sending an alarm signal to the central hub.

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DoorProtect 10.png
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