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The most intelligent thermostat, ever!

A spectacular array of possibilities

See how amazingly simple and efficient heating management can be. You can install the FIBARO Heat Controller on any number of radiators and they will co-operate with each other to provide the optimum temperature. No other controller offers such a level of heating comfort and such an array of possibilities. Wherever you are, whenever you are: use your hand, use your voice or use your mobile app to have precision control of the heating in every room in your home.


Innovative heating zone management


Precise temperature measurement


Schedule mode with the possibility of introducing temporary changes


Pioneering algorithms used for adaptive self-programming


Significant reduction of heating costs


Comfortable, cost-effective battery charging once a season

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Perfection in every detail

The most advanced technology and its unique design make the device a perfect whole, able to transform your home. Managing the temperature has never been as precise and as simple before.

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A house has many rooms, and each of them should be heated in an appropriate manner.

The FIBARO Heat Controller can adjust radiators separately instead of the entire furnace to current room conditions such as the number of people in the room or the size of the radiators. All this to ensure the best conditions for you and your family, at the same time generating unprecedented savings.

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Saving energy and money

Trust the FIBARO Heat Controllers to make savings to your family budget whilst taking care of the environment.

Costs reductions of up to 42%!

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Works with 98% of radiator types

The head works with the most popular types of radiator valves. Thanks to the special adapters that come within the set, it can be mounted on 98% of radiators available on the market.

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Wherever you are

Wherever you are, whenever you are you may want to come home to a warm environment. By using the FIBARO App you can set a higher temperature remotely and be greeted by a cozy home when you arrive.

Choose the most convenient variant

We have created two lines of the FIBARO Heat Controller - one for the FIBARO system and one for Apple HomeKit. If you own a FIBARO system or a different one based on Z-Wave, choose a device designed to work with this technology. If you are looking for a device which works with Apple HomeKit6, choose the appropriate version.

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The FIBARO Heat Controller & Temperature Sensor

The FIBARO Heat Controller

  • Wireless Bluetooth communication

  • Simple scene sequences available

  • Apple Siri® voice control

  • Works with iOS 9 and higher

  • The sharing home functionality

  • In-built rechargeable battery

Apple HomeKit

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The FIBARO Heat Controller & Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

The FIBARO Heat Controller


  • Wireless Z-Wave communication

  • Complex scene sequences available

  • Smart notifications

  • Operation through an Android and iOS apps

  • Wide operating range

  • In-built rechargeable battery

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