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Let the light transform your home





Compact size with loads to offer 

Dimmer 2 is a compound dimmer switch unit adjusting luminous intensity which, despite its small size combines many practical functions. Intently designed small Dimmer switch lighting controller can be placed in most standard electrical boxes and switches.

  • Brightness regulation

  • Power switch

  • Energy meter

  • Fade in start function

  • Voice control

DIMMER_2_Right_Top copy 2.png

Easy installation

Every house can be equipped with smart lighting. The only thing that has to be done is the installation of Dimmer 2 in electrical box or switch. The unit is non invasive to the existing electrical infrastructure so you can install it yourself or with help of the professional FIBARO installer.

Dimmer pic 1.jpg

Mood created by the light

Spending time at home, depending on the time of the year or a day and your activity, you need a different type of light with appropriate luminous intensity. When reading your favourite book in the evening, care about your eyes and pick more intensive light. That way, the rest of lights in the room can be dimmed to create relaxing mood.


Energy meter

Dimmer 2 enables energy measurement in your house. Energy usage and power load chart analysis let you to use the light in a more effective way and cut down on energy bills at the same time.

Dimmer 2 features

Wireless communication

Advanced scenes combinations

Smart notifications

Compatible with Android and iOS devices

Wide range of operation

dim icons.jpg
DIMMER_2_Right_Top copy.png
dim icons.jpg

RGBW Controller 2


RGBW Controller_17.jpg

Illuminate Your Home in Colour

RGBW Controller 2 is a plain, inconspicuous cube which allows you to adjust colours in your house the way you want them to be. Whenever you wish to create atmosphere suitable for work, focus or relax, just run the application in your phone or use a voice command, and the light in the room will immediately adjust to your needs. Is there anything better that a sun-filled kitchen on a gloomy, autumn day?

  • Light tone control

  • Light intensity control

  • Power metering

  • 4 source of light control

RGBW Controller_19 copy.jpg

Many images of the same interior

As your moods and needs change, RGBW will make it possible for you to adjust the colours to them. Surround yourself with atmospheric twilight when you and your family start watching a gripping movie. Fill your bathroom with warm yellows and oranges to transform it into a house spa. Let cosmic blue into your children’s bathroom to make their every evening another space adventure.

Ideal temperature of light

It is daylight that we feel best and most natural in. Thanks to RGBW Controller 2 you may be able to regulate the temperature of light, thanks to which you will create a brighter and healthier environment for work and studying at home. The duties will not only become more pleasant, but also more fruitful.

RGBW Controller_23 copy.jpg
rgb pic 1.jpg

Spectacle of lights within a hand’s reach

You do not need much to fill the space around you with new colours. All that is necessary is the application in your phone to change the colours and lights like in a fairy tale house.

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